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Success By Six/Early Learning

The Case for Action

Quality early learning experiences for all children are critical to a community’s economic success, a key driver of school readiness – and vital to improving high school graduation rates. Studies show that children entering kindergarten with the cognitive, social and emotional skills necessary for success are more likely to graduate high school.

Four decades of research show us:

  • The human brain develops more rapidly between birth and age five than during any other subsequent period; the pace of this growth depends on children’s early interactions with families and caregivers
  • Exposure to rich language and verbal interactions creates the foundation for a child’s use and understanding of words, and increases reading success
  • Children who are not ready to read at kindergarten entry will most likely not be proficient by 3rd grade; and, if a child doesn’t meet this milestone, they face a substantially reduced likelihood of finishing high school
  • Best practice home visiting and quality early care and education programs are effective in preparing at-risk children for success – making them a smart investment in our community’s future

The Early Learning “Success By 6™" pursues multiple strategies to ensure that all children from birth to age six are healthy, safe and nurtured and ready to succeed when they enter school.

Early Learning Programs/Initiatives