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United Way of Elgin Leadership Society: The Pillars Club


The Pillars Club was established in 1993 with a vision for the future--a future dedicated to the betterment of the greater Elgin area. The Pillars Club recognizes those who have displayed leadership and uncommon goodwill in addressing health and human service needs through their exceptional support of United Way of Elgin. 25 years later, Pillars Club members are still leading the way with their generosity and community spirit.

Pillar Club members truly come from all walks of life. Characteristics common to all are most notably an exceptionally generous spirit, a desire to step forward and act on that spirit, and a well-placed trust in United Way of Elgin.

Are you ready to take the next step in giving? Become a Pillars Club member and join fellow leaders who share a committment to transforming lives and bringing long-lasting change to our community. A gift of $1,250 or more puts you amongst others in our community displaying extraordinary giving. In fact, last year, leadership donors contributed 25% of our total campaign dollars.

2017-18 Pillars Club Members

Alexis de Tocqueville Society ($10,000+)

Scott and Pam Budd

Mark and Robin Seigle*

One Anonymous Donor


Diamond Circle ($7,500 -- $9,999)

Thomas and Sue Rakow*


Cornerstone Circle ($5,000 -- $7,499)

Charles Burnidge*

Dan and Karen Fox

Bill and Taffy Hoffer*

Beverly Hoffman*

Bill and Sue Moylan*

Jack and Marlene Shales*

Drs. A. and C. Yeshwant


Platinum Pillars ($4,000 -- $4,999)

Brian Pritchard and Bonnie Henn-Pritchard

Harry and Susan Seigle*


Gold Pillars ($3,000 -- $3,999)

Dr. Samuel and Mrs. Kathy Bell

Lynne A. Bosley

David and Kathy Rock


Silver Pillars ($2,000 -- $2,999)

Tim and Carolyn Bickert

Sue and Joel Ehlers

Robert Hoffer, Jr.*

Tom and Claire Johannesen

Donald and Patricia Laird

David Lehr

Michael and Christina Meathe

Dr. Mary E. Perkins

Mike and Petrecia Shales

Three Anonymous Donors


*Denotes Inaugural Pillars Club Member

Bronze Pillars ($1,000 -- $1,999)

Francis and Paula Amenta

Scott and Julia Beu

Harry and Phyllis Blizzard*

Gary Bowen

Michael and Tiffany Brown

Luis and Judy Cabrera

Peter and Betsy Cappas

Thomas and Merie Carrano

Kathleen Caswell

Gene and Cindy Crume

Walter and Janet Dwyer

Pastor Nat and Mrs. Christine Edmond

Patrick and Carol Gieske*

Michael Hart

Mike Higgins

Elizabeth Hoeft

JC and Charlotte Canning

Jerry and Shirly Hoover

Rick and Sharon Jakle*

Wayne and Pamela Jensen

Edwin and Karla Jimenez

Steve Johnson

Brian D. Johnson

David and Betty Kimpel

Mr. Ken Klein

Becky Koesler

Kurt and Elissa Kojzarek

Edward Kroll

Sheri G. Lacy

Philip and Helen Lambruschi

Brett and Rachel Lundstrom


Bronze Pillars Continued

Carolyn and Bob Malm*

Andrew and Bernadette May

Brian and Tina McAlpin

Tom and Gina McCartney

Marty Moravec

Mr. David Munson

Glenn and Cherie Murphy

Mr. Kenneth P. Murray

James Bauer and Lois Myers-Bauer

Marc and Brittany Mylott

Leo and Marilyn Nelson*

Mike Ostwind

Ronald J. Pepping

Jennifer Rakow

Steve and Betty Rauschenberger

R. Scott Reining

Vince and Beth Rychtanek

Dr. David A. and Mrs. Julie Sam

Art and Nancy Schueneman

Robert and Kathryn Seifert

Ms. Carolyn Tillack

Joe and Maunia Vizanko

Mark Woltering

Adam Ziegler

David Ziegler

Mrs. James L. Ziegler

Mr. Michael E. Zink

Three Anonymous Donors