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About Us

About the United Way of Elgin

Mission Statement

  • Building community
  • Improving lives
  • Making every contribution count

The United Way of Elgin Vision

We envision a community where we work together so that all individuals and families achieve a better quality of life through education, financial stability, and good health.

This vision for the Elgin, South Elgin, Burlington, Hampshire, and Pingree Grove communities imagines a world that fosters hope and opportunity for everyone...

  • Where all children receive a quality education that offers a pathway to improved education and career opportunities
  • Where the cycle of poverty and financial dependence ends, and productive livelihoods begin for even the most disadvantaged
  • Where everyone accesses effective health care that improves the quality of their life
  • Where communities set and attain significant and measureable goals to advance these fundamental elements of human development

What is United Way of Elgin?


With over 90 years of experience in supporting health and human service needs in the Elgin area, your United Way is uniquely qualified to rally the community around a drive for real, lasting change. We have the resources and infrastructure to focus on the tough issues that demand a collective response, to prevent problems in the first place, and to implement a broad range of strategies.

United Way of Elgin acts as an active leader of community solutions, bringing together community partners -- neighborhood associations, partner agencies, schools, faith-based groups, energized individuals, local government, and more -- we're seeking results that no one can accomplish alone.


Our work is focused on making a community impact in four areas: 

  • Success by 6/Early Learning "Success by 6"
  • Reading Success
  • College and Career Readiness
  • Strong and Secure Families

Service Area

We proudly serve the areas of Elgin, South Elgin, Hampshire, Burlington, Pingree Grove, and La Fox.


Diversity Statement

The United Way of Elgin is committed to being inclusive in every sense. Our inclusiveness will be shown and constant improvement will be made be our consistent attention to: using unbiased processes; forming inclusive panels/boards/committees; being accoutable to all populations served.